The main thing most people think of when they think of the geography of Egypt is the desert. Yet there is much more than that.

The approximate size of Egypt is 997,740 sq. km. Egypt has three deserts, the Libyan, the Nubian, and Eastern. Most of the deserts were located in the red land. The red land is a barren region. The red land helped to protect from foreign invaders.

The black land was the land at the edge of the Nile. This land is very fertile. It is mostly used for farming. The land is called the black land because the Nile regularly drops rich, black, soil called silt on the banks.

The main geographic feature of Egypt is the famous Nile. The Nile is special because it is one of the few rivers that run from south to north. The Nile's source is the melted snow of the East African mountains. The Nile is approximately 4,135 miles long and it cuts through the heart of Egypt.

The Black Land

Egypt from space
Egypt from space
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