Museum's of Egypt!!!

by:Maria and Ellen
Mia's_Egyptian_picture.jpgegypy_museamm.jpg In most Egyptian museums they will have things such as tombs, mummies, valued possessions, and more fabulous things from Egypt! I would love to visit a museum in Egypt because there would be so many things to see that we don't even see in American museums, or in everyday life! They have very unique things in some of the museums.

An Underwater Museum!!!!!!!


This is the under water museum of Egypt, it is also known as Jaques Rougerie. Jaques Rogerie is an expert when it comes to space and underwater structures! However This museum doesn't quite exist yet, but it is a soon-to-be first underwater museum! How cool is that! It will be located of the coast of Egypt, near the library of Alexandria.This is one very unique museum.


The museum is designed as both inland and submarine.
The building will have four tall structures shaped like the sails of Fellucas, the traditional sailboats used in the Nile. From the inland, underwater, fiberglass tunnels will take visitors to structures where they can view antiques still lying on the seabed.

These are pictures of just two of the artifacts that will be in the museum that are literally on the seabed still today.


Egypt will always have old, and new artifacts in museums and just on the sidewalks in every day life. Egyptians can always see ancient and not so ancient artifacts that represent their awesome Country called Egypt. In the museums there are some really unique artifacts.

This information and these pictures are all taken from Images of a museum of

and from images of fireworks.