Famous people of Egypt

When you hear the word "Egyptian people" you usually think of pharoahs and kings, well you are correct, mostly. A lot of people think of King Tut as being a famous person in Egypt, he is even though he's dead. Also there are many other people besides dead ones. In fact there are many people that are famous, and that are from Egypt that live in the United States of America.

this is a picture of king tut

This picture is a photo of Horembem. He was the last pharoah to rule in Egypt during the 18 dynasty. After king tut died he took the throne. His throne name was Djershupene Serepene. He was married to an Asian princess. I thought that it was weird that he had 2 tombs made for himself. He had one in a great valley near the palace, and the other one in his hometown. Also he had no children. He was accused of murdering king tut.
a picture of king horemhbem

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