Famous people of Egypt

Ahmed Zweail- Scientist

Born: February, 26 1946 in Damanhur, Egypt.
Relationship Status: Unknown


Ahmed’s job was a Scientist. In 1999 he won a Noble award in Chemistry, for inventing a rapid laser,
which interested the scientists to research the actions of atoms during the chemical reactions.
He created a new field in science called physical chemistry known as femochemistry.

By: Morgan


Adel Imam- Famous Actor

Born: Born May 17, 1940 in El Mansoura.
Relationship Status: Married and has 3 children


Adel Imam is a popular Egyptian movie and stage actor. Right now he is a comedian,
but has starred in more serious work. He has been know to to combine comedy with romance.
Adel earned his Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture from Cairo University. Since then he has appeared
on 100 movies and 10 plays. Wow that is a ton of movies! He is probably the best actor in Egypt!

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By: Kailee