ReinassanceLute.jpgEgyptian Music
Egyptian Music has been a big part of their culture for a long time. Egyptians believe a god of theirs called Thoth invented music. Music in the period of the Old Kingdom is evident.
Egyptians played with instruments such as harps, flutes and double clarinets. In the time of the Middle Kingdom, lyres, cymbals, and lutes were found to have been played. Lyres and lutes were percussion instruments as were cymbals.

Modern Egyptian music's structure is similar to jazz structure. It is composed of downbeats, rests and upbeats. Arabian musicians like to improvise their music. Improvising is like playing notes as you go without looking at and playing anything written down. Arab musicians like audiences to clap and sing along while they are performing. An Egyptian concert would probably be pretty loud.
Listen to the Egyptian national anthem.