Christian Church in Egypt

Egypt is an Islamic state now, but it has Christian heritage, and was mostly a Christian country. Early apostles came to Alexandria to spread the word of God, and it was known for a land where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph traveled.
Most Christian churches aren't located in old Ciaro. More are in smaller cities, and lots of the churches are where they believed Jesus and his family made stops. Some are even made in caves, where they believed that baby Jesus had slept. Some Christian churches are more isolated, but they were made when Christianity was outlawed in the Roman empire, who ruled Egypt. Saint Mark was probably the one who brought Christianity first to Egypt, even though another saint, Appolos, came from Alexandria.
Even today, the goverment in Egypt doesnt support the Christians and Christian churches. on December 14, people fropm the Egyptian government attacked Christian churches by doing things like destroying their property, torturing them, and allowing other people to lead attacks on the Christians.
Mary, Jesus, and Joseph travelling through Egypt