Animals of Egypt
The Dugong "Sea Cow"

The dugong is becoming so rare that people are no longer allowed to hunt it.
It is also named sea cow because it grazes on the ocean floors sea grass. It
can eat up to 66 pounds in one day and can weigh over 900 pounds!!!! The
dugong can be found in the Red Sea.

Lesser Egyptian Jerboa

The Lesser Egyptian Jerboa is a small rat-like creature. It stands on it's
hind legs and can jump as far as 1 meter. It stays in it's burrow most of
the day but at night comes out at night in search of food which is seeds
and green plants. About 1-6 Jerboas can be born it a litter and they leave
their parents around 8-10 weeks.

Yellow Fattail Scorpion

The Yellow Fattail Scorpion is one of the most dangerous species in the world.
The venom from this animal can kill an adult in the time span of two hours. It is
responsible for the most human deaths of any scorpion species. This scorpion is
found in the desserts and scrubland of Northern Africa. I would definitely not
want to come in contact with this animal!


The camels of Egypt are mostly used for transportation. Camels provide
food for the Egyptians as well. Camels can live for up to 50 years!
Camels hight averages between six and seven feet and they can weigh
between 1,000 and 1,600 pounds.


The hippopotamus can weigh up to 3 1/2 tons! It's average lifespan is about
50 years. An interesting fact about hippos are that their feet only have four
toes. It's amazing that an adult hippo can stay under water for 6 minutes! Also,
even as heavy as they are, hippos are good climbers!

Hippos Foot

Egyptian Cobra

The Egyptian Cobra 's average length is 100-200 cm. long, but it
can reach 300 cm. They eat basically anything that moves. It has
been the cause for many deaths.

Fennec Fox

This animal is called the Fennec Fox. It is one of the world's smallest foxes.
This little guy feeds on large bugs, grubs, small mammals, birds and lizards.
These foxes have sandy colored coats which allow them to blend in with the
dessert sand. This fox weighs only about 3 pounds and it's body length is only
about 65 cm long! How adorable!